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🌊 Head Underwater, set to release on 2.9.24 ( Eric's Birthday) 🎧

Updated: Jan 27

Can you believe it? AWR is releasing new music. After a crazy 2023, the band is ready to release one of the first songs they ever wrote as a unit. Eric has been working on the riffs and format of the song since early 2020 so it was fitting to release on his birthday in 2024!

There will also be a show announcement to accompany the birthday release but that will be a surprise the band will announce next week. The lineup sounds incredible!

When asked about her favorite part of the song, Hanna replied "at first I hated the song because I couldn't figure it out - it's like we were going different directions but eventually I started to vibe with it and the vocal direction came natural."

"At first I hated the song..." -Hanna Wilder

There will be more announcements and even a music video set for this release. Stay tuned for more updates about AS WE RISE.

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