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Fort Collins - The Homecoming Headliner

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

AS WE RISE - December 10th Recap at The Coast in Fort Collins with Infinite Conscious, HOSS, and Jellyfish Farm

It was to be expected that AS WE RISE brought their largest selection of music as a new band and as one fan was overheard telling the bartender, "Man those guys fucking killed it. I will be back again and again if they play here often." The 5-piece hailing from Northern Colorado played a few covers peppered in with their set full of original tracks off their forthcoming EP. The theme of the night was apparent as all the bands were friends sharing the stage and simply having a blast while connecting with audience members throughout the night. It's a great show experience when all the musicians support each other's craft.

Jellyfish Farm started out the night with well-selected progressive parts to their intricate instrumental offering. When infinite Conscious took the stage and solidified this was a metal show with great riffing and heavy hitting. Hooked On Southern Speed (HOSS) blew the doors off with their fast-paced rebel punk and made way for the final act to take the stage.

TANNER AND ERIC PLAYING OFF COOL RIFFS - courtesy of Untapped Potential Studios

With the majority of the capacity at the stage it made the back bar feel empty during their set according to one of the bartenders. As the bar owners quickly noticed, AS WE RISE brought a crowd that was eager to consume their offering. The opening track showed off singer Hanna Wilder's vast vocal range - starting out with large leaps and intervals in punky music that quickly changed to a djent riff played by Tanner as she layered crushing growls over the top of it. Oliver's drums pounded away as the band found their groove and proved their work to the eyes and ears in front of them. The middle interlude within the first song looped a lone eerie guitar part allowing Hanna to thank everyone for being there and for "supporting ALL the musicians on that stage" before returning to vocal duties after the bridge.

As the set progressed the intensity did not slow down. The music on display was carefully written and carried characteristics of many genres that seemed to fit effortlessly into the 'metal' generalization that AWR identifies as. The textures and harmonies, the well-placed bass lines and nimble guitars seemed as though AWR has been doing this for longer than the 6 months they have existed as a band. The night ended with several deep cuts featuring percussive metalcore riffs and large choruses - making everyone bang their head at The Coast on this particular Friday. This special Friday will be remembered by many as the night Fort Collins threw down.

NYE SHOW and 2022?

There are some easter eggs in this segment. AWR may be playing a secret show on NYE for select friends in Denver. They will soon be announcing how to contact them to be included.

Gliding into 2022 - AWR has a show almost immediately in the yet to be defined year. It will be announced soon and it's looking like it will be the year we can proclaim, AS WE RISE.

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