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Looking Under the Hood

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Often the engine of the band really lies in the type of gear used to translate their craft - here's an inside look to what kind of horsepower lives in the AS WE RISE Pad.

Rick attributes his contribution to his high-powered Heartke LH500 and Behringer 4x10. The Ernie Ball bass is chosen as the weapon to weald. Tanner prefers his Bugeara head over his actual 6505+ it's based off. He uses Aris Effects with LTD and DBZ guitars. Getting a crisp and well rounded low without alienating the highs is often lost in aggressive music and fortunately for listeners - inclusion seems to be how navigation has been set for the AWR front lines. Eric is fixated on his 5050 head which provides an amazingly aggressive bite without breaking up too much. This allows the response through his Ault Amplification 2x12 cab with Classic 30 and a Mick Thompson DV-77 to really lock to the drums and gives flight to the aggressive metal riffs that pepper the AWR landscape.

What about drums?

They have a beat machine. Well, kind of. Oliver is a madman with an electronic kit at practice pearl drums and hardware kit for stage. Paiste cymbals keep time and Vic Firth sticks hit Aquarian Heads. He's the 2nd level of the architecture that allows Eric and Tanner's song ideas to have flavor and depth. There is one thing for certain, a band with a good drummer and practice pad is ALWAYS a tighter band. Period.

“I felt energized. It was a long awaited burst of adrenaline. Don't quote that.” ~Oliver

Oliver goes on to describe what it's been like creating with AWR. He was most excited about how relatable the music is - real songs about real events. He stresses the need for more mental and physical health awareness and wants to oust shutting up about health as the current status quo.

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