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Backstage with Eric

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

There's only one way to know about the song structures relating to riffs - and that's to ask the architects themselves.

Playing music in Northern Colorado isn't the easiest. There are many, many bands and few venues. What this creates is a really amazing group of musicians who hustle. AWR is one of many bands in the area who wants some of the space at the coveted local stages. Luckily, the music scene is very lively in Fort Collins with,, and the wonderful Many of these organizations are hyper vigilant to create a positive environment for musicians to create and share.

When talking to Eric from AWR, it was apparent his love for music and for strengthening the scene. He often shares his experience working with other musicians who can't commit or the frustrations with auditioning an endless cycle of vocalists who possibly weren't the right fit for either party. Everything had seemed to very quickly come together when Hanna walked in and grabbed the microphone.

The writing process has become less like guesswork and honors the song first and foremost. Through production at Eric's house it has yielded 10 originals to share over the coming months of shows and other digital media releases.

“Now that we have a solid foundation, the writing process feels more natural. The music is sounding more authentic, less haste and more finesse. We’ve found our groove. Expect a lot of heavy riffs, dynamic grooves, and a more defined sound as we learn each other. AS WE RISE is becoming its own.”

The band is adamant the first show in Denver at Herman's Hideaway will be a great outlet. It's obvious the band feels a surge of energy while wrapping up recording on their debut EP.

What's next?

A few other dates are booked and will be announced shortly along with an EP release party date.

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