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Debut Show and Halloween at The Moxi

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The opening show of our year, and ever, AS WE RISE will be opening for From Within The Trench and Infinite Conscious.

Toto and the whole Wizard crew 'tore up the stage' at the Moxi on Hallowen according to new fans. While talking to Tanner about what he's doing to prep for the show we found out he's been balancing out long work hours with seeing his lady and child in the 3 hours a day he gets after work. It's a hard schedule and sets its own set of limitations that make show nights a great way to get off the treadmill of life.

“The Greeley crowd that came out was phenomenal. It was good to see local musicians supporting other bands in a group and the fuckery.”

Later this year AS WE RISE plans to release several singles off their forthcoming debut EP. The first track should will be called Prisoner.


Lyric videos will be dropping soon - pay attention to their channel for updates - AWR will be seeking footage from the first show, so be sure to share with the band to gain credit for any footage taken.

Follow the band on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram for updates on their progress, shenanigans, and musings about gear and tone.

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